October 5, 2008

Rainy Sunday mornings

I have always loved rainy Sunday mornings. In the US, it meant curling up in bed with newspapers and magazines. Here on Isla Mujeres, it is a totally different story.
First there is the big decision of the day. Whether or not to get conchinita pibil, pulled pork Maya style. Then, whether or not to go to the beach. Rain settled that question, but today I snorkeled in the Easy Set pool, finally applying that underwater patch.
I am glad Jose my helper didn't know how to work the camera. I looked worse than a wet dog, which was on the job site as usual.
Lora and I started the day with some cold pizza from a small pizza it got last night from a newer place in La Gloria that I have been meaning to try. But was it great! 60 pesos, with pepperoni, sweet pepppers, onions and mushrooms. The menu calles for chorizo, but they gladly substituted. When in the area, look for Pochi and Noami's place. They also have enchiladas Suizas and Fettucini Alfredo.
Jose had made the pulled pork decision and gone to get 30 pesos worth along with Lora on her excercize run in and out of the golf cart. Me, I put on my bathing suit and got the snorkel ready while they were gone.
Jose transplanted a pineapple plant and its baby into a much bigger planter and drilled a couple holes in the planter he used for two tomato plants yesterday. We didn't check to see if it had a drain hole and the rains filled it to the top. So he got out the Kawasaki power drill, also knowns as a vroom vroom vroom here, and drilled several holes into the bottom of the wall.
We got the laundry down before the rain started again. After two days on the line, it was finally dry enough long enough on a windy night to do the job.
The sun is coming out just as I am about ready to take my siesta. But the shoulder does need rest. There is a ripe pineapple to cut up afterward and that will take muscle!


Sue said...

Ok, spill it - exactly WHERE is this new pizza place? I had cold pizza for breakfast too. And then later a cold chicken empanada that I made yesterday. Also did laundry, and got it mostly dry before it looked threatening enough that I brought it in to let it finish drying in here. Now I have pollo adobo and baked potatoes in the oven, and will make a salad and some rice (hopefully not with ants), using the adobo liquid. It's been a quiet weekend, nobody around, the phone hardly rang. Great siesta weather. But too darn cold for the pool for me - I haven't had any water in it all week. You're a brave woman!

IslaZina said...

Next to the plastic store not far from Claire's Salon Estetica...on the NS blvd, north of Pizza Rock. They seem eager to deliver and my order was ready in under the 20 minutes they told me! I can't tell what they intend with the phone numbers on the menu. One is a 247 number without the 998, another an 874 number with the 998.