October 3, 2008

Siempre algo...it's always something

One of the catch phrases Jose has learned, "It's always something," along with Roseann Roseannadana's additon, "If it's not one thing, it's another." As part of his lesson, he watched a vintange Saturday Night Live clip on my laptop.
When he arrived yesterday, after also having the day off at Miguel's Moonlite, after running errands and running Lora with me, it was time to work on replacing the golf cart headlights. One of the lights cracked and it would be his first time replacing golf cart headlights.
He was under constant supervision. And when he was done, he remounted the turn signal indicator handle as well. The old ratchet ring wasn't able to hold on to it any longer. It's always something. Siempre algo.
Ricardo was sweeping up after cutting the bars off unused rebar, and wondering what to do for a mason. All the locals were tied up with the Your Casita 2008 municipal program involving more than 260 Mexican owned houses on Isla Mujeres.
But then, Ricardo learned one of our neighbors got a vacation from the project and was available.
Abelio starts this morning, bright and early, cementing the rebar columns to one level height with finished edges and working on a shade cloth roof for above the pool.
He'll also replace the side picket fence with cement lattice and build up the all the planting beds so I can grow more varieties of plants.
There will be a lot of work for Abelio, the albanil, who's nickname is the Spanish word for sea urchin, the only name Ricardo knows hims by after 29 years. He never knew it was really Abelio, he said.
It took Lora a long time to get over shouting, uhmm, barking, at him. She does that with all new Mayas she meets, since she was abused as a puppy in a Maya village in Tabasco.
After Abelio left, Ricardo finished servicing one of the rental unit's AC and I noticed a lot of water around the above ground pool. Yep, there's a seam leak. So second thing this morning, I'll put my snorkel on and take the underwater patch kit and go for a dive (three feet!).
If it's not one thing, it's another. Siempre algo.

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Sue said...

You've definitely got that right - siempre algo! There is almost never a day where something doesn't need attention, and it's a cycle - you finish one thing after the other only to start at the beginning all over again. Life here makes one tired. Now I understand the siesta.