October 16, 2008

Ready to pour!

Eriso says he'll be back at it early ready to pour the base of the cement picket fence. Like a fireworks show, the tubes are all lined up. He has made a cut in the garden wall to accommodate the papaya tree, whose roots, he says, won't cause a problem. A couple other shrubs will have to go. Good thing, because Jose loaded 5 peat pots and I put globe tomato sees in them.
Lora's favorite tortilla vendor dropped by even though we are not in the market due to the high protein diet. Still, we smile when he calls her Stupid, instead of her Spanish alias, Estupida.
Ricardo fixed the juicer, bad switch, and the fan - frozen drive - and chatted a bit with me about working for gringos with a go-between. He got paid 3000 pesos for the last job, but the gringo paid 15,000 for the job to the masseuse, who then had change orders he expected Ricardo to complete for the same money, because he already spent his 12,000.
Adrian came to take an old laptop in to rehab and checked the PC and fixed its desk in the process. He said he'd be here "tomorrow" two weeks ago. He chuckled about that when he walked in.
After all the fun and games start this morning, I go to Dr Salas's office to pick up my ultrasound films and head to meet the gastroenterologist at Amerimed Hospital in Cancun at noon. That's the good news. The bad news is it's way too close to may favorite mall, Plaza las Americas, to not stop. I haven't been in a year!


Nancy said...

Ooohhh, you'll have to tell us all about the goodies you find at the mall. I like hearing about your purchases, and especially the food items. It sounds like you're a very good cook!

K.W. Michigan said...

yep .. Las Americans is a great mall. I love shopping with the locals! I made the drunk'n chicken this week. It turned out good, but I think next time I'll leave the rosemary out. Maybe because I used fresh and its a little stronger than dried.

Sue said...

Chedraui had giant cantaloup and mango there last week - pretty good prices, we're still eating the fruit (we went on Sunday). Have fun!