October 2, 2008

A rare, but very normal day in paradise

I had big plans for yesterday, starting with going to the PEACE meeting. But then, life started happening. So sweet.
Ricardo, aka Richard, came over and rustproofed the min split condenser, which is when I took the curtains in to wash. Jose had the day off, so Lora was my helper and got little bits of excercise on each OUT.
We went to get some fruit and visited with neighborhood dogs, then on another outing, I got a part for the golf cart. Of course, Lora goes into all the shops and the workers are amused both when she obeys and disobeys.
I came home for an update from Ricardo, who was now working on sawing metal off open rebar. Lora and I decided to take a ream of paper and colander to the Little Yellow School House and then go to La Bruja, where I had chili rellenos, one cheese, one meat for 40 pesos, and Lora had a couple tortillas.
The we headed for Garrafon de Castilla to see if Marta was getting off work. Jose was waiting for her too. I told him my invitation to "Spa Zina" went beyond the rainy Monday para siempre.
Marta had come to Lora's anniversary and we had not seen each other since her Jose and I started arguing about his headstrong work habit - his way or no way - about a year ago.
So at dusk, after a short siesta, Marta came over and we did water "Pilates." And we updated each other. Jose now owns the car he used to lease from Mario Cicero (Ciro's) but rents the license for $150 a month. He paid 50,000 pesos for the car, so there is no construction going on in Sacalum, the Maya village they are both from.
Jose invited me to go to a baptism of a niece. Marta wants to go to the one of her sister's first child two weeks earlier. We hatched a plot to take a 4 day weekend and do it without him. Bus to Merida, with toilets which Jose never though women needed on the four hour trip, and then the Maya workers commuter bus to Sacalum. I think we have a plan. Jose has to give permission, though.
He had dengue five days this summer and the guy who leases the cab from Jose for a shift has had family illnesses. But Marta has flourished at Garrafon de Castilla.
She got a tan working as a waitress, but then began to get white spots on her face A fair skinned ful blooded Maya, it was her first experience tanning.
Now, she is cooking and loves it. A very varied menu now, prices somewhat higher than downtown for tacos and beverages, but the have Jardin, a former bartender at Na Balam making great mixed drinks, Marta said.
And even in the kitchen, she is taking home more than she made at Posada del Mar with tips in housekeeping.
Long after the sun went down, we took our showers. Marta walked home, Lora did her business quickly and I went to bed. Such a normal day in paradise.

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