February 2, 2009

Vacations end; others begin

The Polish Princesses and I have almost concluded our vacation. Bwah! We spent Sunday at Zama before the SuperBowl. Great night! Folks from Alberta arrived before it was over and quickly settled in.
And then, in the middle of the night, Deb was awakened by pain. In the morning, I called Dr Salas and he said he'd be over in an hour. Deb arrived knowing she needs a second spinal surgery. It looks like she'll have to have it sooner than later.
The discs above the ones that were treated are pinching nerves now. She is a brave woman. As soon as Dr Salas left, Kate and I went into town to fill prescriptions and shop souvenirs. Deb didn't move from her spot in bed and ate the chicken cazuela we brought back from La Lomita's. Now Deb and I nap and Sissy moves to the roof for some final rays. The week was just too short!

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Life's a Beach! said...

Zina, that's really a good photo of you! Looks like you had a wonderful relaxing day! :)