February 19, 2009

After WE GO

Lora crunched plastic bottles all day yesterday waiting for this morning's WE GO! Then, she chilled out a bit before being babied by Janice, one of the renters from Michigan.
Janice misses her Chaucer, a shnauzer, which Lora is not! But she still thinks she could be a lap dog, which she is not!
Well, she also thinks she is obedient, which she is not! That is why WE GO on the sea road this morning, where there are no cabs in the predawn hours to attract her attention. She liked it quite well. Now, we wait for Carmen and the accountant, for whom I am not ready. I think there is an obedience problem, not just with Lora. She's looking at me saying there is a problem, which she is not!


Life's a Beach! said...

Oh, I wish I was that relaxed and carefree! :) Lora's so cute!

Nancy said...

That's so funny...she looks so cute. I think I will go do that myself! Trying to get warm here after the beautiful weather last week...we returned yesterday and had snow and ice this morning. I keep cranking up the heat...my nose is now warm but my hands are frozen.

Nice to meet you the other night!

IslaZina said...

And nice to have met you on your birthday! Hope you had a great time on opening night at Miguel's Moonlite!