February 20, 2009

Who has rights?

This is a picture of what I can see of Deisy and Raul's house. Not much.
I used to be able and glance over, see the screen door, or the hammock outside that Raul used to recline in before going to work and opening up their eatery, El Charco.
Then the landlord agreed to expand Video Club San Juan, and my view of their door was blocked. "En carcel" was how we referred to it and I couldn't see Deisy and Raul come and go. Nor watch their beautiful children.
How, the landlord is adding an apartment or two above the video store. Deisy and Raul can barely see the light of day and I have to go to the back, to a walkway between structures, to talk.
I got a different picture and a lesson yesterday in how adaptive Mexicans are when thing seemingly don't go their way.
Deisy said they have gotten used to it and see a lot of benefits to being boxed in! Their 15-year-old daughter can't see what goes on in the street with girls her age hopping on the backs of motos and going off, away from the eyes of the neighborhood. Their 3-year-old boy can still play under the coconut tree, but no longer is there the risk of him running out into traffic, possibly being struck by a cab or truck. The video store blocks the street noise, so they sleep better in the morning hours and are fresher to open their restaurant in Salina Grande at 8pm. Which is where Gail, Frank, Eva and I ate last night, with the lovely attentive service of a well rested couple with fewer concerns about their children.
And the food, the best ever. Possibly because they are better rested!


Islagringo said...

Don't you just love the Mexican attitude about things. I wish everybody could act like that. We would have bitched and bitched about our view being blocked or something. The Mexicans always find the silver lining in every cloud. Nice report.

Life's a Beach! said...

I struggle to acquire that habit, but I've always been a glass half empty sort of person. Nice post Zina!