February 5, 2009

From my head to my toes!

Picture purely illustrative. It's really not me! But I am cold from my head to my toes. We had another frigging frente frio move in late yesterday. It was 50 degrees at 4am, when Lora ran to the ATM with me.
I had a successful day at Costco, returning with lots of salad fixings, salsas and mushroom stuffed raviolis.
Gail, the Italian goddess from Eastchester, is coming for lunch and I am ready. Carlos also took me to Europa since I forgot wine, etc. at Costco. And the purchase of a couple bottles of anything in Cancun pays for your ferry and taxi in Cancun! The renters from upstairs also went, buying fish, shrimp and steaks at Walmart. They are quite content now. And we both bought lots of gringo coffee.
Kelly arrived late, only to find wireless problems. Adrian is due here any hour now! See what happens when he doesn't get back to you the first time!
Kelly is reading, thinking what she'll write when Adrian gets here finally!
I also got a new canvass beach chair. Lora and I plan to be joining Fran at Mar y Sol in the coming days to do some serious snorkeling, sunning and biting of waves off shore. I'm not doing the biting this year! Ha!
But for now the big news is the cold front. The head of housekeeping has not shown up. Kids have skipped school. Adrian is tardy. But Luis the carpenter came by for 4,ooo pesos to buy wood for the linen closet and upper deck shade roof.
Now I need to get up there and treat the pool. But it is really cold from the frente frio!


scottozoid said...

Hey Zina: I really like Carlos he is a "keeper"
If you don't mind sharing, I think he is now my "Cancun Taxista" too.
He gave me his business card and contact info
What a nice guy and a very good taxi driver too.
We had a nice chat on the way to the airport and he got me up to date on the latest construction.

IslaZina said...

He is wonderful! He got a deal with Nautibeach to be the driver for their clients' trips, which had the PJ guys having him called into the union office. The union stood by HIM, not the slugs in PJ! Union ruled that Carlos can keep any pre arranged appointments he gets as it is the customers choice.