February 6, 2009

Dog gone cold!

It was so cold yesterday that my friend Gail and I decided just to visit here at the house and eat. She bought good looking steaks at the Super, but they were tough even after marinating. Tasty though. Free range grass fed cattle! Think heart healthy.
And as an Obama volunteer who had tickets to an Inaugural ball, she picked up souvenirs for me! I read both commemorative editions of the Washington Post last night and nearly slept with my posteri zed official Inauguration t-shirt. No, it doesn't mention Twitter, but I found an image on Flickr that did!
It's another brisk one today. At 6:30am, it is 57 degrees with a high of 70 forecast for the day. So we go into Zina Beach Mode. Villa Vera to protect us from the winds!
Gail bought me TWO gift bathing suits. I like the brown one best. It's a hottie!
So we sat around and talked about the campaign and Inauguration. PH Terry emailed a huge photo of the Inaugration and Gail could pick out where she was, but HALF the people were also wearing white hats. No fair!
So what to do before it gets warm enough for Villa Vera? I think I'll throw myself on the heating pad and then have mushroom ravioli for breakfast. Or cold corn flakes. But on to the heating pad!

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K.W. Michigan said...

We are having a heat wave today .. 35 degrees! yippee!