February 27, 2009

Baby on the mend

Baby, the woman who is my friend's sister, is on the mend. She moved more stuff out of the house into the new apartment with the help of her teenage sons. She will be calling me, he says, to thank me for making her pose for the camera. "You reporter, you," he called me in our phone conference this morning. "Mom also quit crying. She was chipper when I called her in Florida last night," he said.
The half cow is in mom's freezer along with sausage her brother's made and the summer's vegetables mom grew. Baby will be fine!
And now her brother gets ready for another Friday Fish Fry and me, well, it's time to get up off the sick bed of yesterday and get moving! The Cleveland delegation arrived on Isla yesterday and I have to check the dressing on my renter's foot.
And it's such a beautiful day!

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