March 1, 2009

Where has Zina been? Uh, eating....

First, it was the "Cleveland Delegation." First, me on the left, then Kristina Kuprevicius Dunn, Jules Belkin, Jb Dunn, Marci Belkin, Chris Hixson and Mitch. They wanted some authentic local food, so on Friday night, we went to Baltazar and Gloria and Loncheria La Gloria, who made coconut shrimp and garlic grouper with fantastic veggies: broccoli and zuccini pulled together by avacado! Who'd have thought...There were also baked potatoes. We ate family style, off the four orders of shrimp and three orders of fish.
I had a diet coke, everyone else had a beer and we had three orders of guacamole. Total bill, a tad over 1,000 pesos.
This morning, my guests of two weeks, Barbara and Janice were rousted out of bed to be at a conchinita pibil stand at 7:15 to meet the Cleveland Delegation, who wanted to be shown the ropes.
Kneeling is Kristina, and at the left is Jb and Marci with Barbara and Janice. Haven't heard back from the Cleveland Delegation abouth how they like Maya pulled pork, but Barbara said it was the best pork she ever had. Our amount cost 50 pesos and netted three tacos each. The Cleveland Delegation got a kilo for 250 pesos.
On Saturday night, the Cleveland delegation opted to break up and head different ways. Barbara and Janice and I went to La Bruja, where the seafood was fresh, nearly as fresh as my friend Daniel, who was there with his Atlanta Delegation.

Daniel wasn't sure how he like his new hairdo, a bedhead look Michelle styled for him! Muy hip! Barbara and Janice couldn't get over me eating octopus! Really yummy.

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Life's a Beach! said...

Looks like a lot of fun Zina! And with all that seafood, calories don't count!