March 7, 2009

A quick update on "Baby"

You may recall the post a couple weeks ago, one titled She's not crying any more." Baby is a woman a few years younger than me back home near Minerva, OH. She's the sister of my best friend back there, a guy from my high school class, whose parents are my landlords.
Anyway... Baby had been living the life of a spousal abuse victim in this, her second marriage, a brief one of about three years with two teenage sons from her first marriage, where she was also beaten. None back home knew about this one's problems because it was mostly outside the house.
No one knew except for me and Barb Breckenridge. Barb got shoved by the guy a few times visiting. I caught Baby in short sleeves and she was vague about how it happened, saying at work. I started shooting pics to document what I suspected was a problem. I had her moving lie a runway model for the shoot!
And then my friend called one day and said into the voicemail, "She's in trouble and says you took pictures that might help her."
Since I saw her, her husband had retired from the job and really started working her over when she came home after her shift Then he locked her out of the house. So I produced them and email them to a mutual friend, Alan, who has a computer. He burned a disc of the pix.
She went to a lawyer who took them to the sheriff.
So, her old man was picked up on spousal abuse charges, served a restraining order, and she got her things out of the house. He also paid her back her tax refund and other money or hers he had taken. They went to court of the spousal abuse charge the lawyers produced my pics and email and Barb testified. They then verbally agreed to seek dissolusionment. She just wants what she took into the marriage.
She spent last night at Barb's with the boys, had a few glasses of wine over dinner and is getting ready ready for spring. She's got a new apartment to fix up and her life will soon be free and clear. She's over 30 years with a defense contractor, so she will be fine without a man.
My friend's got my Ohio handicapped card and sending it via a mule. All is well in my little world!
Today I clean and exercise in the pool and go downtown to meet friends. First, I have put a pot of vegetable soup on - fresh spinach from the garden, chopped yam, cabbage, tomato, etc. In a few minutes Carmen is due for the never ending work around here.
Tomorrow, I'll go see Fran and Shirley with Lora and greet new arrivals in the evening. Life is good!

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