March 30, 2009

We were raised that way

My brother has not lost the touch and perhaps I have spent too much time in Mexico, where eating utensils don't seen so important. But this is my brother at the Soggy Peso yesterday tackling a plate of baby back ribs.
We recounted to each other what neat, mannered eaters we were in our youth(s). Dad took him to a dinner meeting once where cornish hens were served. Never once did he touch it. Every scrap of meat was removed by knife and fork.
I did pretty well with the baby back ribs yesterday, too. But hey, they were fork tender. I did have to goad my brother into picking up salbutes and some other foods considered finger foods. But our parents did in fact raise us to know that the only finger food is a canape.
Where have everyone else's manners gone?


K.W. Michigan said...

OH but licking your fingers makes the food taste yummy!

Islagringo said...

And not only food manners. What about just manners in general? Among other things, I was taught to always open the door for a lady. When they just trudge on through like it is their God given right to have a door opened for them, I question how much of a lady they really are!

Life's a Beach! said...

I made the mistake of ordering partridge one time. I remember the frustration of trying to find something to dismantle with the knife and fork! Now I'm hungry for ribs. Yum.