March 10, 2009

Hard dog's life

Lora and I are enjoying Kelsey and Tyler a lot! The are atypical spring breakers! They are doggie dog people. Once Kelsey learns the path around the Salina, she's racing Lora. Ha! Lora did 40K per hour at dawn! Kelsey's specialty is 10k. Tyler is using the WiFi to create a business plan. He is against "spring break" behavior. He was born in Fort "Liquor"dale.
We went on a bit of an island tour yesterday, to Manana's and to a moped rental, where the mechanic took us to another for a better deal! Then they explored behind the golf cart, with me pointing out spots of interest and they were off, to report later that they had found a 25 pesos chicken sandwich on Playa Norte! Who knew.
Then I was off to Miguel's to meet up with Beth and Larry and receive their gracious gifts, including Liquid Smoke and Larry's cucumber habanero relish. Can't wait for my brother and me to taste that! He'll be here in less than two weeks! Thank you Larry and Beth!
Saturday night, Jimmy the Cop and his son Matt treated me to dinner at Daisy and Raul's and I I acted as chauffer. And after alambres, sopa de pollo and salbutes, Matt, studying to be a pilot at a private college, wanted to go to Miguel's Moon Lite and drink some beers with his dad. Another atypical spring breaker!
Miguel's has been hoppin'. The new location gives his oldie's band room to stretch out and crank it up. Miguel's wife and daughter and an occasional friend are kept running! Woo hoo.
Today I am headed for the Isla Mujeres Palace for 12 all-inclusive hours of fun in the sun and dining room! I'm taking pictures!

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