March 18, 2009

Victory Garden update

Been harvesting spinach. Now this! And the zucchini are in full bloom! An inundation will soon follow! Today, carpentery and a roof for the pool.


Sue said...

Isn't it nice to get the gratification of growing your own stuff? We had two tiny bananas that managed to ripen on the old banana plantation in the corner, but I wanted to leave them for my family to see. Guess what? We got back from Cancun last Friday and someone had taken them. :-( I hope we manage to get some of the tomatoes, but we'll see. Enjoy the fruits of the garden!

Life's a Beach! said...

That reminds me! We need to get some tomato plants this weekend and stick them in pots. We have grapefruit, orange, and lime trees, but they're too little to produce much of anything yet. One of these years I'm hoping to have an abundance of citrus!