March 11, 2009

Room with a View, Part II

After some hours of sun, Janice and I returned to a stronger Barbara. Erik the nurse had been in and out, forcing her to take her Cipro and drink electolyte fluid made from a power the Centro de Salud forces on everyone here. She didn't like the taste. Oh well!
Erik then returned to change the dressing on Janice's foot, which had a plantar's wart removed while she was staying at Zina's Guest House. Erik works with my doctor, Dr. Salas, who also is in charge of medical emergencies at the Palace.
Erik's quite the pro at age 22!We then went to dinner downstairs. Barbara had chicken broth with some pieces of chicken in it and a fruit and vegetable salad, no dressing, following doctor's orders of no fats or oils...although she did have a spoonful of guacamole prepared at the table.
Janice and I had filet mignon surg and turf, the seafoood being shrimp. And I was the only one who had desert....Amaretto flan! It came on a plate I tought had a ceramic pattern in it. No, the kithcen painted the flowers with syrups and marmelades!
The cost of treating me to such luxury, including having the napkin unfolded and placed on my lap by waitstaff, was $80. It was wonderful. But to telll you the truth, the filet wasn't better than Ballyhoo's $10 filet mignon and aside from fruit and eggs, about $5.00 in the colonia, and a few glasses of wine and champagne, maybe an $8 of Chilean Brutt's worth over the day, well, it's just me, but I don't quite get why people pay this much to dine in Mexico.
Barb and Janice, Thank you. Without you, I would never have seen the inside!
And on my way out, I accelerated after the gate was opened, and I heard "Zina!" The guard motioned me over to take my bracelet off. As he did, do you know who I am? David. David?
"I was one of the youths, a carpenter, you hired after Hurricane Wilma. It is a great memory every time I see you drive by."
Now I'll know to wave at you, with the stylish haircut. David!

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