March 26, 2009

Luv'd the breakers!

I broke my own rules this year when I rented to a couple spring breakers. Of course, I Googled them first and learned Kelsey is a dean's list student who runs track and specializes in the 10k!
But they were extraordinary and a bright spot amongst so-called adults!
They did not drink to excess. They did not pour bacon fat down the drains and then ask, "But what were we supposed to do with it?"
They brought a lap top and studied how to create an on line business and Tyler looked for "penny" houses and lands to buy. As soon as they arrived, they PayPal'ed me their balance.
Kelsey ran 5 times around the salina every day for the team. 10K. Tyler rode my bike along side until he was sure the area was safe.
She cooked when Tyler went into town to turn back a scooter. They walked to the zoo and played with the spider monkeys. They played with my dog Lora and I like that in a renter!
They turned the water heater off when they were gone to save energy. When the island water main broke on the Cancun side, they showered at Zama and used my larger reserve tank to clean up here. They were troopers.
They found a 25 peso chicken sandwich on Playa Norte and and 3 tacos for 25 pesos at a kiddie carnaval. They kept themselves hydrated.
From money they said from within their vacation budget, they did an AI day at Garrafon.
They did not stain thick towels with henna, nor steal them to wrap around Cuban rum in their luggage.
At their young age, they have been a couple for 3 years and obvious best friends. They treated me with respect, but not like a den mother. When I told them we don't flush toilet paper they thought it interesting and complied. No doors were kicked in!
If you study this page, you will see they wrote a nice Trip Advisor Review on the property! They are very responsible adults and welcome back here any time. So much for the spring breaker stereotype!
And as a plus - I have a couple more good Facebook friends!


MD in Texas said...

What a great story. Thanks for sharing. Sounds like two really great kids!

K.W. Michigan said...

Are these young adults from the US or Canada? All my years in Cancun during spring break, I've noticed that the groups from Canada are the most polite and considerate! Sorry US! They will probably be back and you will welcome them! Great story!

IslaZina said...

They attend college in Boone, NC, and were raised in Asheville. Tyler was born in "Fort Liquordale" Fla. Yes, they say they will be back.

Nancy said...

Some of that might come from being raised in Asheville. They learned good Southern manners. Nonetheless, they're adorable and I'm glad you had such good tenants!

Jeanne in NC said...

I thought I recognized Kelsey's T shirt. Good kids and great story.

Jeanne in NC said...

I thought I recognized Kelsey's T shirt. Good kids and nice story.