March 11, 2009

Room with a view, Part One

This is the view from Room 204 in Isla Mujeres Palace Resort. This is how the view was taken in by one of my hosts.
Barbara had gone late for dinner and the steam table was cold, or tepid. Note to others, do not eat tepid food in an all-inclusive or show up late for dinner!
While Eric the nurse consulted Dr Salas, got her on Cipro and electrolytes, Janice and I went to...the breakfast buffet!
We got the fruit, but ordered our eggs made on the grill while we watched. The poached eggs in cream in the buffet were cold!
Then we spent the afternoon at the pool and got pasta made to order. Champagne, well a Mexican Brut, was being served.
I swam laps withe fins in the pool and made fast friends with some Clevelanders on a day trip from the Moon Palace.

Tomorrow, Barbara's outcome and dinner!

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