February 18, 2009

A strong resemblence....well, ears, eyes....

My friend Felipe is on the island with friends from Boston. Felipe and I became friends while working together largely because of a mutual fondness for Isla Mujeres. Felipe was the guy who did the final edit of my stories and put headlines on them.
How they would have talked at the newspaper if they knew we had taken separate vacations together to the island!
So we had plans to hook up for dinner last night but ran into each other at late breakfast! Me with an Obama t-shirt that got me to thinking there is a resemblance! Well, consider Obama's ears. Consider his nose. Consider his mouth. Then consider Felipe's. Felipe thinks I'm nuts! Well, at least he's not offended.
So then the party of eight hooked up for dinner, departing my house 15 minutes early. But they had already started setting up the room at La Bruja for us. We all had various things but the most popular item was shrimp brochetta, which I had strongly recomended. Some had appetizers, some had drinks, some overate! Faced with a 1,300 peso tab, we just decided to throw in 200 pesos each and have our lovely waitress keep the change.
OK, so even with the afternoon's suntan, I still think Felipe bears a strong resemblance!

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