February 3, 2009

I want to grow up to be an old woman...

My best friend in life, Deb, and her sister leave this morning. There is a morphine filled syringe for me to administer before Jose comes for them and a wheel chair wating at the ferry.
Deb learned the day before she came that she needs another spinal surgery. The trip irritated her spinal stenosis enough that oxycotin couldn't dampen the pain.
Dr Salas visited twice yesterday. One he gave her a shot of methylprednisilone to take down the swelling. The second time, he gave her a different cortisone to boost the solumedrol and also morphine. He left a second morphine syringe for me to give her just before she leaves for the ferry, and a note to Contintal to upgrade her if possible. She cannot stand or walk well.
When they changes planes at Houston, Kate is to give Deb a pill that is the last thing and anesthesiolgist gives before putting you under. It's like Valium squared. It slightly boosts the pain relief or pain narcotics.
If there are any problems along the way, they are to call him and he will send an ambulance for transport, Yeah, yeah, I'm getting an old refrigerator box to put her in cargo! Not!
As things got grimmer and grimmer the last two days, Kate took to singing the Kasier Permanente jingle from California: "I want to grow up to be an old woman." Don't we all! Just without the pain, please!

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MD in Texas said...

Oh, it just sounds terrible for your friend. I certainly hope her trip home goes as smoothly as possible.

Be sure and post an update when you hear that she is home safely!