February 23, 2009

If you get sick here

In my brief experience running a Guest House, I have had several guests requiring medical attention. There was the wax-cause swimmers' ear, the German who was sure she had dengue or malaria, a chest infection and Deb's back pain. I always call Dr Salas.
Last night, an elderly guest decided she could bear no longer the pain of a plantar wart, barefoot around pool decks. I called Dr Salas!
This morning, he is in Cancun in "procedures" and may not even be back for evening office hours. So he is sending an associate over with a razor, a scalpel, a cauterizing gun and lidocaine. Anything that might be necessary for whatever it is.
This is why I feel so secure here with my own medical needs. Whatever it is, it gets top notch and quick attention! Even during Carnaval. Which reminds me: Staying downtown as a tourist once during Carnaval, I had a severe chest infection that Dr Salas treated. I returned to Ohio and had a normal exam with the doctor a bit skeptical that I had had anything at all. Trust me, I was bedridden, feverish and coughing up colors! And listening to trucks with sound systems for dance troups lining up outside my window. It was no cake walk!
Well. Dr. Salas was tied up in a procedure in Cancun that threatens to take all day and sent at associate, Dr. David Garcia, who found the plantar wart to be deep and requiring two sutures after removal.
The patient is restricted to the compound for the next 24-72 hours. A nurse, who came from the Palace Resort, where Salas is the medical provider in charge, will check in 72 hours to say when she can swim again, and he will be the one to remove her sutures in a week, when as planned, the travelers move from two weeks Mexican immersion to two weeks cocoon of luxury.

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