February 9, 2009

Trip to Soggy Peso

Gail and I had every intention of going to Villa Vera Beach Club yesterday when I said, "Let's check out the Soggy Peso." We got there very early for the Sunday rib affair, but were so charmed first by Manuel and then by Fredy, that we stayed to eat.
The crowds started arriving a half hour after the 1pm "Dinner is served" hour. We are under the influence from our first margarita! Both Manuel and Fredy make STIFF drinks.
It is a cute palapa bar that Mel and Sally have. Lots of Parrot Head paraphernalia, nice thatched palapa and cute pool. If only it were warm enough!
The big plates were huge. Two baby back ribs, cooked Texas style, meat falling of the bone. Mel makes a great corn and bean salad and there is a corn bread on the side. I think the second side dish was beans, but don't hold me to it!
I hadn't eaten but a small salad the day before, so I was determined to clean my plate and did! Gail took most of her's home.
The crowd, and it is a crowd, was mostly pale gringos. The tables are set up with a roll of Bounty paper towels. There were some serious feed bags on!
It was a delightful way to spend a bit of Sunday afternoon at 250 pesos a person including two stiff margaritas...charged separately. So the ribs are 150 pesos. Quite the deal for hungry vacationers! Gail and I agree to aim for Villa Vera later this week.
And when I got home, there was an email from Felipe. He is coming to Isla for a night with his friends from Boston and we are "doing dinner" on the 17th. Our friendship started 15 years ago or so when he was my copy editor at the newspaper. And as co workers, we wound up on Isla at the same time with his same friends from Boston for one or two vacations!

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