February 16, 2009

Road trip to Tulum, Grand Cenote, Puerto Morelos and El Cejas!

I left the camera in Carlos's car most of Sunday! But here he is at Tulum, passing time with me while Gail and Skip explore the ruins. He is on the phone with his daughter in Mexico City who was watching a Christian movie with his grandchild. Each of his two children has one!
He put me on the phone so she could practice her English and she froze! Soon, I unfroze her. It was one of many hightlights.
Snorkeling in the caves of Grand Cenote had to be the best. This is a cenote that Gail discovered 10 years ago on her first trip with Michael. I have explored several cenotes in the Yucatan Peninsula. This was by far the most pristine. It is also a site where divers enter to scuba an underground river. Just awesome around the edges.
Then off to explore Puerto Morelos, but the sea look a bit rough for snorkeling, but you could see the length of shallow reef the waves break against. It is a must do for me!
Then we took Carlos to one of his favorite eateries for his favorite meal: Vuelta la Vida...return to life. A seafood cocktail with cooked shrimp, raw oysters and things I ate too fast to identify! Gail had beef fajitas and Skip tried the pescado veracruzana, which he had first tried at La Bruja early in the week.
Carlos's day rate was so reasonable Gail was ready to pay him double. I think we are all glad we didn't because, would he respect us in the morning? Ha! I was in charge of tipping and gave him $23US.
He also took us to meet his parents in Puerto Juarez and his mom kissed me. Dad shook my hand and we traded some chit chat. Then on to the ferry and the golf cart in the municipal lot, which for 12 hours cost me 60 pesos.

Tomorrow, my friend and former copy editor Felipe arrives in the island to "do lunch." We'll have a great time. Now, it's time to get ready for new arrivals - check the details for check in.

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