January 30, 2009

Head of housekeeping returns

Carmen is back from escorting her mother to surgery in Merida, where she is now recovering at another daughter's house. Her case was not simple. Yes, there was a huge gall stone, as the Merida surgeon thought. And there was a mass of six inches along side - what the resident here thought was a tumor. It may be a polyp, the surgeon said and took a biopsy.
At any rate, her heart tolerated the anesthesia and she will either make a full recovery or be dealing with tumor consequences. We should know tomorrow.
"Girls Gone Wild" went to Villa Vera yesterday, then for mojitos at Miguels while exchanging money. BTW, the Villa Vera seafood enchiladas are just great!
Then, after a Polish Princess leftover feast, we opened a bottle of wine. At which point I asked the girls to speak up. I heave hearing loss. I need hearing aides, I told them.
"Is that why you've gotten so loud?" Deb demurely asked. Well, that's what best friends are for. I had no idea I turned up my volume!
Sissy works at a funeral home that regularly disposes of hearing aides at family request. So she said she'd keep her eyes peeled for me. Now isn't that something? A day at the beach may lead to something that will make my friends, including my Mexican friends, happy because I won't always be saying, "Como? No escucha. Mande?"
Carmen's Aunt Ignacia got her hearing aides in a similar deal and had a Merida audiologist adjust for her. Isn't life grand?
Today, work with Carmen, a conference call tgo California, and GGW head for Garrafon de Castilla to see the fishies!

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