January 10, 2009

We're working on it!

After what seems like eons, well, it has been eons - five months starting with the fence - the property upgrade is missing a connection to the pool pump, a refreshing coat of white paint on the deck and some more plants. The pool is full! The chlorine floater is loaded and floating!
Oskar the pool pump guy, a friend of Lora's, is cutting PVC tubing to make the connections to the pool pump.
I went out to eat with friends last night, as Ricardo was finishing putting bearings in my living room ceiling fan, and I don't know if Oskar might have tried to come back then.
This afternoon, Jose is coming over to plant a couple more planters and the head of housekeeping, Carmen, will help me address a street light complaint in the upstairs bedroom. Then, yes, we are done! And then, I collapse with this raging cold and sore throat!

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Sue said...

Your upper terrace is looking great. I can imagine it with plants and additional decor - it will be adorable.