January 11, 2009

Further progress!

From pool 1
So, despite la gripa, I persevered, with the help of Carmen and Jose. This is how the rooftop looked this morning when Scott looked at ts on his way out...and home to Dallas!
I'll miss the guy, as will Lora, who was increasing acting like cat around him. He, being a cat lover, was amazed how much she acts like a cat at times - the way she moves her body, stretches, touches with her paw.
Today, Carmen and I will make some further organizational improvements in the suites and I will work on a book contribution. It's always something. But hey, I'll be able to take a dip and do some PT.
By the way, garlic may be more of a magical potion that I thought, and I have a lot of faith in it anyway. For he first time in weeks, I am walking without a cane! When Lora ran off this morning during a laundry run, I searched for her on foot before Jose came by and said, per chance, that he has spotted Lora near the mercado and the dog catcher was around. We went and picked her up. So, she's in for the day, castigado!


Life's a Beach! said...

Zina, that looks beautiful! :) Really great job!

IslaZina said...

Thank you! More plants are in the work as well as a more appropriate, non slip paint surface for the deck...in the next two days!