January 28, 2009

Ready for friends

Chicken terriyaki is in the oven. All kinds of snacks have been made. The golf cart has been washed. The manicure fixed. Lora is a bit tardy at the dog spa next to the car wash. but she seems to be enjoying her stay!
Deb and Kate arrive from Sacramento tonight after a two year absence. You may recall from the old blog that Deb, in the biggest senior moment of her lifetime, forgot to check her passport and called me from the airport to cry.
I am chilling wine for tonight. My brother thinks we drink copious amounts. A bottle a day per middle aged women on vacation seems about right! For brunch, at the pool, happy hour and with dinner. It all adds up!
The weather has turned just gorgeous. There is something to be said for this latitude! So now, I go to the oven and may pass by the pool for another drip!
Jose came by earlier to move the washer back onto the patio and rearrange some furniture. He'll have his wife Marta come by to see what I need, too. And I just got word that Carmen's mom is doing fabulous after gall bladder removal and will be back on the scene tomorrow, in time for the month-long tenants coming on the first....and the quick change for a week after the girls leave, and still another quick change after that! whewww. I'm tired. I think I'll go upstairs to the pool and take another dip!


Life's a Beach! said...

Sounds like a lot of work Zina, but I always love it when I have everything spiffed up! Then you can sit back and enjoy! :) I love that tweaked pic of the famous Lora!

IslaZina said...

Lora was taken and tweeked by whozat~
Thank you. Thank you very much!

scottozoid said...

Thanks for the acknowlegment on the Lora portrait.

http://planetascottozoid.blogspot.com/ (click on the pics in the posts for larger versions)