January 3, 2009

A my day!

A stop at Manana Cafe and book exchange is a must after paying the water bill! Yes, no trip to Centro would be complete without my search for any James Patterson, Stuart Woods or Carl Hiaasen books I haven't read (not many).
I had a baguette with hummus and checked at Ultramar for a "credencial" but they said another day.
So off to Evita's Salon Estica for a manicure, an emergency actually. I had cut to the nail bed midway down a nail while chopping vegetables and toilet paper and nail polish weren't a good patch.
She made me an acrylic nail and painted them all while Lora played in an out with a neighbors dog.

Evita is off the beaten path but gives a great 60 peso manicure! Then it was off to the house to play with Facebook and my 40 some Cleveland friends new to it. And then, a siesta, of course!

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