January 9, 2009

Don't watch much TV...but wait!

Well. I have honestly been saying I don't watch TV. Then a discovery led to having it on almost 24 hours!
In talking about his TV habits, whozat had been saying how he loved David Letterman and I like him to, but what does that have to do with Mexican cable, I wondered. Yesterday, while he was in my living room, I thought I'd turn CNN World on so we could here the latest bad worldwide news. Well, there was CBS Morning News! Huh?
"Oh, they have Letterman every night at 1o:30," Scott said. Is it CBS network? No, he said, they have Orpah and Dr. Phil and the Montel reruns. All the judge shows. Oh, yeah, Katie Couric was on at 10:30p, must be the Hawaii feed or something.
So during my middle-of-the-night wake-up, I did a little research. It's Televisa's US programming package for Mexican cable. It does include a lot of CBS programming, and I did have the Young and the Restless on while writing yesterday. It has Viacom programming, but not NBC, which owns about half of Telemundo. We get The Office from FX, or is it AXN?
American Network also has a shows plucked from here and there. ARLi$$ for example.
That's what's new on cable on Isla Mujeres on CableMas channel 19. Gotta run, Kate Hudson is on the Morning Show. I think I'll watch! Oh, they've moved onto the consumer electronics show, wait, we are going to cook after a commercial break. That's keeping pace!

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Islagringo said...

The switch occurred on New Year's Day. Right in the middle of a CNN story, bam! There was Rachel Ray cooking something! Except for the CBS Morning News, we can only get news in English on the internet now. Oh well, we do get Oprah.