January 15, 2009

So what should I do? It's raining!

Lora has been misbehaving! She hates going OUT in the rain and would just rather hold it in her carrier. Or take liberties and be with humans in the living room. On our level!
I know the US and Canada are suffering from an Alberta Clipper. It has brought temperatures here down to 70 and not much above that for a daily high, with three days more forcast. Showers and wind. What's a dog to do?
Lora has been running back inside after doing the minimum in the rain, chewing on her bone a bit, and sleeping. That's almost a good human plan, too!
But there is a little work to be done yet and I am expecting a second set of guests in the late afternoon.
This afternoon, Deeann and her husband and I went to Centro, to the book exchange, and Deeann took some pictures in the minicipal market. Then we parted. It seems so cold because it is for here. Glad I'm not in Ohio at the moment!


Sue said...

I'm glad you finally posted, I was about to call you and see if you're ok after being sick. We just picked up Maya and as we passed your house we saw Lora going out the front door. Glad all is well. And yes, it's COLD!

K.W. Michigan said...

Yeah .. it's cold here. The Detroit area had minus 25 wind chill this morning with temps minus 3 below. Damn COLD ..

Vee said...

That's a great photo, Zina - and I like that chair!

It's supposed to be 9 degrees here tonight, very cold for us, but as you know, it's all relative, right?