January 17, 2009

Must have been a beautiful baby!

17-year-old Charlotte and her mother arrived from Quebec Thursday on a mission. To find and show Charlotte where she was conceived. We talked a bit, and then I took them on the vague tour of the southern part of the island, to see if we could find where this beautifual baby was conceived 18 years ago!
A few probing questions narrowed it down! First I went to a place near the old Playa Lancheros. No. Marie said. It was next to an mansion, but itself was simple and only had one floor. Later the second floor was added. Ah ha!
Mar y Sol, the old building. As soon as I hit the driveway, "Si, yes, yes. The beach was bigger then, but this is it. Charlotte, this is it," Marie said, mostly in French.
In the coming days, we will go back to take pictures of the cottage so that Charlotte can show her father that she knows where she came from!
Her life didn't start at the hospital in Quebec. No, it began at Mar Y Sol!


Life's a Beach! said...

Funny! So by mansion next door, is she referring to that estate that's being renovated now with the spankin' new huge dock? Someone told me the place was formerly owned by a well-known Mexican cartoonist. Any clue about the renovations taking place? Javi told us he heard it was going to be a museum for daytrippers, but that seemed bizarre.

scottozoid said...

A museum for daytrippers?

So will it be like mummified tourists, sort of like a variation on Las Mumias de Guanajuato?

Hmmm I might pay good pesos to see something like that!