January 23, 2009

Merida without me...

Carmen is off to Merida today with her mother and without me. For the past month, she has been here instead of Halacho, where she liked to sit and watch the passers by.
She was diagnosed with a "gall bladder tumor" here on Isla, with a not too experienced ultrasound reader, and a decision was made to just let it go.
The films were sent to a specials in Merida and it's not a tumor after all, but a huge, life-threatening stone. One false move, or meal, and she would develope jaundice and die.
So Carmen is taking her to Merida today for a morning surgery, and presuming all goes well, leaving her to the care of another sister in Merida before she returns to Halacho, a village an hour away.
The weather here has broken wonderfully. It's all sun, still not HOT, but temperatures will climb over the next few days, when Deb and Kate arrive.
Carmen will be back in time to set up their aparment and the one upstairs for the February 1st arrival on monthp-long guests from Alberta. I guess we can blame the Alberta Clipper on them! But I suspect they just won't want to hear about it.
Me, I'm making rice water and chicken broth for Amelia, who asked for atole made of rice, leaving Carmen scratching her head. She want's no sugar or cinnamon or milk in it, so it's really not atole! But, I'm using jasmine rice, which I think she will like. Her husband is in grave condition in Cancun, and she is at death's door here. So sad.


Islagringo said...

Now that just gives you renewed confidence in the doctors here on Isla, doesn't it!

IslaZina said...

Doctor's are people, including the resident who read the ultrasound New year's eve. Eve. The important thing is that the film was referred out to a specialist.
My neighbor Amalia has had cancer for 20 years. Her husband also has cancer and is a diabetic who needed further amputation. I'd say this is all very typcid for medicine world wide, even in the US! And that includes inability by most grown children to deal with weird final wishes of their mother.

Anonymous said...

what are some of amelia's weird final wishes?