January 4, 2009

Now on eBay!

eBay made possible my getting an Inauguration t-shirt while on haitus in Mexico! I'll wear it proud! And I am sure I'll get applause when I walk down Hidalgo, since I have been wearing Canuck t-shirts while here much of the time.
I couldn't give away USA pride t-shirts during the Bush years.
Well, thank you eBay and thanks to the eBay merchants who sell Jockey underwear. Eight pairs on their way via my best friend in life, now living in California.
It's the little things that make one happy while on Mexican soil! A jar of horseradish, a couple bottles of Advil LiquiGels. Some rare seasoning, like sage, or a can of pumpkin. Well, you get the picture. Sometimes money doesn't matter. It's the stuff that can't be had here at any price. So, tonight, I will be wearing an Ohio State t-shirt left by a guest from Massachussets a year ago. Thank you Jimmy!

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