January 19, 2009

Outlaw life: The Reprobate.

This is my dog. She is in jail. Pictured here, is the holding cell. Carmen caught her first.
It all started at 8:45am, when I thought she'd enjoy the ride to the cable company, and if we got there early, no one would be annoyed.
I lost control of her before we got to the golf cart. Then I chased her around the neighborhood for an hour. A FULL HOUR. She fought with cats, ate garbage, barked at guard dogs. Generally, she enjoyed herself and listened to NONE OF HER COMMANDS. She just went on about her business. HER BUSINESS was none of my business.
I went into the house, leaving the screen door open, and fried an egg. She peeked in, but wouldn't come. I put the egg on top of her untouched dog food. I pushed the bowl toward her. She ran away.
I went after her with the egg-topped bowl of food in the cart. She laughed!
So, I placed the bowl in front of the house and took off for the cable company. Along the way, I saw Carmen on her way to Karina's house. Her daughter is my neighbor.
I said, Lora is on the loose and I fear the dog catcher will get her. By the time I left, she was chasing cabs. I asked Carmen to do what she could, I'd be right back.
Great news, the cable company takes dollars at 1:13 exchange. Great. I could pay the bill and still have money to function, saving time.
I get home and don't see her. The lady at the store said something about the dog catcher, then pointed to Karina's gate, where Lora sat among the potted plants, like she was on vacation or something.
I yelled bad dog through the gate. She seemed to understand.
Carmen came and said she had to plead with the dog catcher. "But I work for the owner. The dog is my job!" she said she pleaded.
Carmen walked her to my house on the leash as I turned the golf cart around. Then a dentro!
She ate her food. I told her to get in the pet carrier. I closed the door. Then, in her face, I repeated BAD DOG over and over, YELLING! After a few minutes, I opened the door and whisphered, come. Sit. And she obeyed. I said good dog, over and over and petted her. And told her to go to bed, her bed in my bedroom. She hasn't moved since. It's been an hour how.
But what about tomorrow? Lora, do you hear me? I do not want to pay 300 pesos to get you out of the dog catcher's place in the zoo. Yes, the zoo!

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