October 2, 2009

Wive's Club fun

The Officers Wives Club of the Zona Septima Mexican Navy Base on Isla Mujeres meets the last Thursday of the month. Someone didn't count right, so the breakfast was yesterday, October 1. Each month several foreign women are invited. I was to sit at the table reserved by Delia, my dentist's wife. But she was just a social butterfly, flitting about. She was taking over for the Admiral's wife, who was away in Mexico City.
Seating was quickly rearranged and I made fast friends with Angie, a shop owner in Centro. There was Gabriela, too, who I got along well with.
Delia is taking English classes and is looking for conversational friends. She arranged to Judy and Ellen to sit with us. Judy and Ellen come every month for the picture bingo. Names of stuff in the pictures called out in Spanish. Helps the vocabulary, they said.

Breakfast was the cantaloupe with peach yogurt, coffee and sweet breads and cilaquiles and beans. And there were rifas, raflles is well. Door prizes, women sailors with tickets crafts made by the senior center, Club la Gente Grande. I bought a Chrismas pin cushion that I have use for year round for 20 pesos. And then, it was off to LoLoLorena's Women's Club, where Kay and I had manicures and me, a pedicure too. Just a full day of womanizing. I know, that's not the correct use of the word. Tell me why not!
I had locked my keys in the house and called Joel, the locksmith who came by and also installed a new lock in the upstairs apartment, which he hadn't gotten to yet.
A quick trip to Tacos Cachuril for pork loin and cheese tacos and yep, it was a full day. Was I bad, Boca wanted to know. Nope, you're a good doggie dog!


lagovistajenn said...

Zina, that sounds like a perfect day on the island to me. You are blessed to have good friends who surround you.

IslaZina said...

Thank you Jennifer. It was a mighty fine day!