October 14, 2009

Big smiles!

Just as I was leaving to meet and take Deb and Walter to the dentist, Sergio showed up to work. Oh, too late in the afternoon? he asked as he picked up Boca. His full time boss is in Cancun with a heart attack, so he's been swamped. He'll be here in a few minutes now to set up the new pool.
Meanwhile, Dr Canales was getting ready for us. With Deb's cavity and my root canal, he was loading the anesthesia syringes.
And getting other instruments. My molar had gotten so infected absent antibiotics, he dared only do one canal of three. Now on azithromycin, with a urine sample in the fridge for my kidney infection, I'll be back for more on Friday! Deb got through it all without breaking those white knuckles and we went to Miguel's and each had a nice lobster tail. Miguel treated us to after dinner pomagranite infused tequila.
This will be a scene for Boca to take in. Tomorrow, she gets her final shots and spayed at the Isla Animals Spay and Neuter Clinic. That is good news for a cute virgen dog!

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