October 29, 2009

So much construction

Leaving the health center yesterday after my flu shot, this was a more encompassing view of the road reconstruction around the square. This road leads up the hill to the old La Pena night club. There is no taxi access to the SuperExpress now!
Back in La Gloria, this construction is the new cold warehouse for the super that you can't get to now. It will be the place meats and veggies go to first for storage. The facility will also warehouse the big box store offers in the Cancun circular.
So that's two corners from me. Continuing past the park around toward Tacos Campos at the end of the Salina, virtually across the street from the La Gloria Tortillaria, is the new community center due to be finished in a month.
It will have a small children's theater supposedly ready to show movies; there will be public spaces and restrooms!
Tomorrow, we'll go back to the Navy Club for more on the auxiliary breakfast. It was a great day on Isla Mujeres!

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