October 13, 2009


Walter looks like a big game hunter here. He's at Villa Vera and yep, he was hunting Happy, the smiling gecko.
Today, he and Debbie are going to Contoy Island. They will see geckos in the wild! Both will be joining me this afternoon...at the dentista. Bwah, he wears a mask!
He really is a smiling dentist! Dr. Canales said Saturday that I would need to come back three times to settle the implant and root canal issues. Yep, he said it with a smile!
That's my big trip report for the weekend, a day late! Later today, Boca's week 17 portrait, now available on Facebook!


Islagringo said...

Does he speak English? Or, does he understand Gringo spanish?

IslaZina said...

Happy? No. Dr Canales, yes or he calls on his wife. They both had better English when the left Mexico City five years ago. He is oral surgeon for the Navy. Excellent!

Islagringo said...

thanks for the info. we need a good dentist here.