October 19, 2009

Reckon they're sisters?

Ruthie from Louisiana and Mary Ann Burns Gaitan took me out yesterday, looking for the Cuban acts in the Isla Mujeres music festival.
No one was where the program said they would be. We looked and we looked. And this girl with meds in her stomach finally had to stay at one of the alleged venues to get some potassium rich food. There was no guacamole at Tigrena; avacado prices due to the drought have made this sure thing often impossible.
So I stayed put, had some spaghetti in plain, very plain, tomato sauce 'til they came looking for me. Another hour? Sorry. Take me to the cab stand!
Ruthie has not been to the island for years and years. Mary Ann has not been home in a couple. They are great sisters! Today, after two whirlwind days, Ruthie goes home. Bye sis!

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