October 26, 2009

Dealing with torture

Since I knew I'd be spending a chuck of time under the dentist's lamp Friday, I opted for a day at Villa Vera Yacht Club. After the Centro de Salud told me it ran out of influenza vaccine.
So I trudged over to Villa Vera Yacht Club, where the cold front had chilled the water to PERFECT!
Since Dr Canales had told me to eat no fats of oils, especially animal fats, after oral surgery. I would take a break with a plate of fried calamari. Yum! And guacamole for my potassium level! Some swimming, some sitting at the swim up bar with a Splenda Margarita, and then home for a shower and a cab to the dentist. This is chauffeur Franklin, who four years ago sold me my golf cart.
Franklin is growing a goatee and not quite sure how to smile with it!
Dentist worked patiently to get the tooth out, but it took a long time and extra local anesthesia. Relax. An English word Canales is good with. My what strong arms he has for those tough, reluctant molars! Next step, powered bone in the implant hole, sewed up and impressions for the bridge.

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Barbie said...

If we were on death row and had to request a last meal, it would be fried calamari and guac from VV!!!