October 16, 2009

Shaking it off

What a trooper! Out of recovery, Boca did her best to shake it off. At Vet Clinic Chipie, in the next room, Josefina's cat was dying due to pulmonary complications. Boca wasn't catching on. She wasn't crying either! For the most part, this Isla Animals Spay and Neuter Clinic was for cats. But Boca got in line with other doggies for the chance to prevent unwanted puppies.
On the way home, she puked in the pet carrier. We stopped at Ronco and talked to Lauri and Soli at Mango Cafe, who couldn't believe how big she was! Come see, Polo!
And when she came into the house, she was confused because I moved her sanitary padding - her bathroom. She found it, did her duty, grabbed on of her "sisters" and went to bed.
Pupils are still dilated this morning and she moved around my bedroom repeatedly during the night. Right now, she has found her way to my bed top and is nestled among several pillows. My only concern is that her ear will somehow stain a pillow case. She was tattooed VET 657. Now she is legally registered among Delfino's patients of the last decade.

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Sue said...

Glad Boca's doing good, she'll forget all about it by tomorrow or Sunday. So sorry about Josefina's cat, you just never know with the little ones here.