October 30, 2009

Isla Power Breakfast

This centerpiece is an indication of the mood of the Navy Officers' Auxiliary. Yes, we will join the rest of North America in begging for candy! The centerpieces were saved for a kids' costume party. The sailor/waiter in the back of the next picture was hitting up all the tables for candies from the centerpieces he helped make!

Our "power table" included Inge Kasulke, me and Dra. Angela from the Navy base. She works two 24-hour shifts and gets one off. Nope, no flu shots for non-Navy personnel. But the Centro de Salud, which I had all but given up on, has flu shots again, she said knowingly. And indeed, it was a short wait. The nurse was called auxiliary. I like that in a man!

The nurse studied my visa. He was upset he could not stamp the shot in there, but gave my a card to carry with the visa. I'm good to go! Until H1N1 shots in December.


Anonymous said...

GEEZ your help seems to be the boss not you. Only one dog allowed and now the laundry. Hope she doesn't take completely over

IslaZina said...

Don't start trouble! She knows what's best. And she's the best thing that's happened to me as far as helpers go! I'd abdicate totally if I could!