November 4, 2009

Super Tuesday

I feel a little like Superwoman, having survived nine hours of errands in Cancun yesterday. Oh, the jury was still out regarding my survival in the pre-dawn hours. But there's nothing like a line of thunderstorms to define you!
I am well and my larder is stocked. I am making spaghetti sauce this morning with the Italian sausage, hamburger and tomato products I got.
I have plans to steam asparagus and brussel sprouts and put them in the freezer. Lots of good buys out there!
I got a pool test kit finally. No more tongue pH! 200 count tall kitchen trash bags, good for three more years! Boca got a bed she actually used last night. Please, can I put my chin on your ankles during siesta, she seemed to ask. Getting her to the bed was easier with a new squeaky. Yes, we are spoiled!
The lawyer took my papers and money for visa renewal. I should have my F-ing document in 10 days. I go back for my original passport and visa booklet Friday.
Carlos continues to be a fabulous escort, appeared at check out in time to bad and load his station wagon for the ease of the baggage handlers.
We took a break after three stores for lunch at Mercado 28, where I mistook El Cejas's brother for him. Honest mistake. Boy, do they have eyebrows!
Afterward, it was on to Home Depot, where I got new lights to frame the house, pool equipment and insecticide.
One of the stops along the way way Soriana, where I got rye bread! The rare items, brussel sprouts and asparagus, will get steamed and frozen today, also. I also found a can of cherry pie filling at Commercial Mexicana. Never before!
Right now, it looks to be rainy all day. What a blessing to have the holiday shopping out of the way!
Boca slept half the night in her new bed, realzing her days with chin draped over my ankles are coming to an end. A sqeaky toy eases the transition!


Jamqueen said...

Glad your shopping trip was so successful, albeit so long!

Life's a Beach! said...

Zina, I'm so glad you picked Tuesday instead of Wednesday for your errands! Wednesday would have been a real trial with all the squalls! Looks like Thursday could be a little iffy, but that's okay! : ) Look for you tonight around 5 p.m.!