November 15, 2009

Doggie Reikki and other intimacies

What goes on behind close doors? Boca sleeps in her bed, sometimes not! She is a dog of many wants and talents.
She is getting used to having her bed, but sometimes she just jumps onto mine out of the blue. She does it for the snuggles.
But last night, there was more. She performed Reikki on my sore back. I suspect she didn't have a clue! But I was hurting. My back was sore.
She jumped over me and laid down, her back pushing against mine. Back to back. It felt so good. Soon I treated it like a Reikki/healing touch session and just relaxed into it. Eventually, Boca moved, but it felt like she was still there. And my back ache was gone. Boca, the healing touch practitoner!

1 comment:

Nancy said...

It's amazing how big she is now!