November 16, 2009

Making yogurt

The bad thing about Mexican yogurt, even the Dannone and Yoplaits, is that they are loaded with sugar. Even the "natural" or plain yogurt has a tablespoon, an OUNCE, of sugar in it. That's 27 grams. It's frustrating!
For more than a year, I have followed Stephanie's blog adventures in A Year of Slowcooking. She has a recipe. I made it yesterday and it turned out fine!
Since we had no plain yogurt, I chose a strawberry Acitivia as the starter. This means I will save a half cup of what I made to be the starter next batch. Eventually, I will have totally plain yogurt. To make it, use the "American milk" you can get at Walmart of Mirtitas.
Stephanie also has a book out for Christmas based on the blog, A Year of Slowcooking. If you click the link, it will take you to crock pot yogurt.


Jamqueen said...

Love her blog! have made several recipes from it, but will have to try the yogurt.

Stephanie O'Dea said...

oh I'm so glad the yogurt worked out so well for you!
I've heard great things about using that Activa yogurt---neat idea to start with strawberry flavored, my kids would like that a lot.

xoxo steph

IslaZina said...

Stephanie! Thanks for the blog and so many recipes I would not have thought of! You are an icon!

Nancy said...

That's really neat to know that Activia yogurt worked as a starter. Sometimes I have trouble finding small size plain yogurt. All I can find is a quart. If I have to buy a quart, then I hardly need to make any!