November 25, 2009

And now they are gone...

I had hoped sometime yesterday to stop and feed the tejones in Puerto Juarez. My driver Carlos and I have been meaning to to that. Their park is very close to the house he, a brother and his parents share.
They are somewhat like a raccoon, somewhat like a ferret. They hurt no one. But Carlos told me they are gone. A woman was seen feeding them poison.
"A foreign woman? " I asked. "A Mexican. No foreigners would to that to an animal who never hurt anyone and only protected them," he answered.
Tejones were brought to Cancun to keep the crocodiles at bay, a job in which they succeeded. So now the Park Tejones has no tejones. So sad. My neighbor the fisherman got one before they were killed off. So I'll go over and meet his leashed tejon.
So sad.


Islagringo said...

I forget what they are called in English, but you can buy a baby one from kids standing next to topes near Valledolid.

IslaZina said...

Nice to know. But being a good mom to baby dog is enough challenge! She is trained to relieve herself on flat disposal diapers, hospital bed pads. And learning new tricks daily!

Anonymous said...

Kinda looks like a coatimundi!

Isla Chica