November 12, 2009

Isla Manicure

After a hurricane, and after the clean up, a little pampering is in order. I went to Evita for a manicure; no time for a pedicure.
Not needed, but I brought my own color from Avon. I forgot to expect the handcrafted embellishment. First the outline of flowers, then the glitter, then the stud. Topped with clear coat. Cost? 80 pesos, a little under $7. Virtually every manicurist on Isla Mujeres prides herself on the mini pictures! And two days later, still like new.


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lagovistajenn said...

Beautiful Zina! I pay $18 for a a manicure and only get the lame old clear polish! One more thing I have to do while I am on the island this time.