November 13, 2009

Your Friend, the Police

Coming home this morning from marketing, I was met by my new beat cop. "My name is Ismael," he began. "Do you have any reports you would like to file?"
He went on to explain that he would be walking the neighborhood every morning, as we used to say, rounding up the usual suspects. I don't mean to make light of the effort, I just couldn't help it!
Ismael is based downtown with the Public Security division at the Palacio Municipal. He will work days. Nights, we are to call their number, not state dispatch for speedy response. That number is 877 0051.
The new police presence program is called "Your Friend, the Police." This is proof that the mayor took to heart the complaints of locals and foreigners as well. But the presence of Officer Santiago and his collegues in other colonias is welcome as the holidays approach and more tourists arrive.
Thank you Alicia Ricalde Magana.

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Sue said...

Our neighborhood cop is Darvi, the owner of the furniture shop in town (Delfin's old place). He stopped in yesterday and gave us his card. I hope this changes the image of the police and helps deter the bad guys. I agree, the mayor is doing a great job here.