October 8, 2009

Fun and games

We amuse ourselves without tourists. Yesterday, Inge and I went to Soggy Peso for lunch and had a good long visit along with Rex. Freddy was entertaining! Then, I went to the Super for a few things and stopped at Sue and Miguel's to bum some media luna seeds. My vines died in the heat and apparently birds ate all but three seeds. Later this afternoon, I'll be a LoLoLorena's checking out the fruits of the cooking class with Kay.
In the meantime, Boca is learning her mean bark. On the bed, barking at the dog in the mirror.
She's easily amused!

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Life's a Beach! said...

LOL at Boca! But it certainly doesn't hurt to have a dog with a mean bark around the house. That's a great alarm system! Glad you're having oodles of fun Zina! Seize the day!