September 30, 2009

One more time!

The night blooming amaryllis in my garden bloomed again, the third time this year. I had written it off and Carmen had cut it's leaves back a month ago. Then they sprang back and three days ago, I noticed the flower stem.
The night before last, it almost, almost was in bloom as I came home from Miguel's. Last night, it was in its glory. Will I get one more this year?
Isla Mujeres' growing environment continually surprises me. Can't grow dill without a lot of planning. Lettuces go in now. Tomatoes -wait, there as a tomato plant close to the amaryllis. I'll got check.


lagovistajenn said...

Beautiful flowers Zina. Hey I'm still waiting on that picture of the Colgate Smile!! =)

IslaZina said...

Well,Jen, you'll have to see yourself. He also has six or um, twelve pack abs and it might seem a bit lascivious of me to post, and I am sure he would not agree to it. He is a nice young man interested in taking his girlfriend on vacation.